Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my account to make changes?
You can make changes to your account at any time by clicking on the “account” link at the top of our website and following the directions.

Can I change my paper preferences for my subscription?
Absolutely, if you want to change your preferences just click on the “account” link at the top of our website and follow the directions.

My Log+Jotter didn’t show up, what should I do?
Sometimes things get lost in the mail, just use the “contact” link in our menu and to let us know you didn’t receive your Log+Jotter.  We will get a new one shipped out to you right away.

If have a question that isn’t answered here, what should I do?
No problem. You can contact us directly by using the “contact” link on our website.  You can feel free to use the form on that page or call/text us personally.  We want to do our best to make sure our customers have an exceptional experience.

How many notebooks do I get?
You get to choose! When you sign up for a membership you can choose to receive 1 or 2 notebooks per month depending on what fits your needs and budget.

How much is shipping?
Shipping is included in the price of the notebooks for all U.S. members! If you live outside of the United States there is an additional charge of $1.50 for the single notebook subscription, or $3.00 for the two notebook subscription. We wish we didn’t have to charge more for international shipping, but we don’t get to pick the postal rates.

How am I going to be charged?
Each month we will process the payment for your subscription right before we send out your notebook(s). This usually happens on the 22nd or 24th of the month depending on the plan that you have chosen.  If you want to make any changes to your plan, you will need to do it before the 22nd of the month.

What if I want to change my subscription?
We get this all the time.  If you want to change your inside paper options you can simply click on the account link in the menu of our website.  If you want to change your subscription plan to a different cover style, or to change how many notebooks you receive each month, you will need to cancel your current subscription and then re-subscribe into the plan you prefer.  We wish it could be done differently, but our 3rd party secure payment software does not give us another option.  We are hopeful that it will be possible in the future.

 What are the specs of the Log+Jotter pocket notebooks?
Size: The Log+Jotter pocket notebooks are 3.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall(same size as a Field Notes Brand notebook)

Binding: We use a two staple saddle stitch on our notebooks
Corners: We round the corners of our notebooks to avoid the “dog ear” that can come from lots movement in and out of pockets!

Cover Paper: Our preferred choice for cover paper is 80#C, but we may change that up on certain occasions depending on our theme for the month!

Inside Paper: We use a 60#T for the inside paper of our Log+Jotter pocket notebooks.  We like our paper to be thick enough to prevent bleed through, yet thin enough to keep your pockets light!

Pages: We have found that the perfect number of pages for a pocket notebook is 40! Since we send you a new one each month, 40 pages will give you plenty of room to fill up with stories and lists before your new one hits the mailbox!